ZERO 100 ad-hoc (month)

  • Status: Modify thresholds and verify the level of the most common supplies of the printers and MFDs that are currently being managed
  • Consumable Alerts + Cartridge Installations: List of cartridges which level has reached the threshold defined and that will soon have to be replaced in the printer or copier. List of cartridges that have been replaced in the printer, when and how much was wasted.
  • Group Shipping + Volume Analytics: lets you group your shipments to a specific customer to happen in one specific day of the week of your choice. Usage ratio of each device based on the volume of pages / images printed by each, usage diagnose and device uptime %. Data produced monthly and compared to life average.
  • Technical Alerts + Service Calendar: list of pending technical alerts reported automatically by the system, or semiautomatically pushed by the customer. A calendar shows the replacement events forecasted for the next 90 days
  • Counters + billing counter calculation: detailed list of counter values for each device. Includes a searching option for counters in a user specified period. Monthly, the system automatically calculates the volume of pages of each type printed so that you can use it for your billing.
  • OpenDCA: list of data collector agents distributed with the status of their connectivity and remote access to the configuration page
  • Printers Offline + Obsolescence: list of printing devices and DCAs that have lost the connectivity with the monitoring tool. List of printers and other devices for which there is either an economic or a technical reason for their replacement.
  • Settings: activate or disable the alerts (for consumable or technical), change the addressee of the alerts, change the name of the project or remove the project.
  • Analysis + Charts + Scorecard + Snapshot: dynamic charts that show the volume of devices based on volume of pages printed and the portfolio of customers based on their volume of pages printed, the evolution of pages printed, consumables shipped, and the monitoring status of printers and their obsolescence status. Shows how well the selected printers and MFDs are measuring up compared to the best market practices. An executive summary provides all of the basic details of the portfolio managed including an environmental efficiency ratio. Shows how well the selected printers and MFDs are measuring up compared to the best market practices. An executive summary provides all of the basic details of the portfolio managed including an environmental efficiency ratio. It shows the details for each project or selected projects down to the number of pages printed, contact details and alert status.
  • Forecast + Volumes + Shipment analysis: shows the amount of cartridges of each type that will be needed by the devices that are managed by the system up to 90 days in advance. Forecasts the required amount of toner/ink and paper that will be utilised by each printer or device over the next 12 months. Shows the statistics of all cartridges shipped to each device, both during the last month and accumulated since the device was first monitored by the CPM. This information is updated monthly.
  • Profitability + Actual Coverage + Actual Performance: shows the profitability per printer or copier, measured in terms of cost savings compared to expected costs. Shows the performance of each cartridge used. It includes the actual coverage. Some filters are available and allow you to group the results and visualize them per cartridge, per SKU or per serial number of the device. For accuracy reasons, 4 months of history are required to generate. Shows the average performance of the cartridges used by the printers and copiers during the period analysed.

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Choose the MPS functionalities based on your needs and manage up to 100 devices.
In many cases your business only needs a few functionalities to manage your MPS services. ZERO ad-hoc lets you choose how much you want to pay based on what you use.

The basic license includes the inventory details of the printers that you are monitoring, and the capacity to add an unlimited number of customers. It also includes a direct access to the most recent status of each printer or copier, including levels, remaining days and counters.
Zero supports printers from virtually all manufacturers. It supports all types of printers: laser and ink printers, MFPs and copiers, ribbon printers, large format printers, garment printers and other.
You can choose among the features apps available in order to tailor your monitoring Panel based on your needs. Choose the apps that you need, and add new apps in the future as your business and needs grow.

----- What does this license include? -----
Number of consumable alerts: no limit.
Number of technical alerts: no limit.
Number of concurrent users: no limit.
Number of printers managed: up to 100.

----- What if your business grows? -----
You can grow as much as you need. Next level is ZERO 300 that supports up to 300 devices.

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